Please note our Cub and Scout sections are currently closed. We are in need of volunteers to join our Cubs & Scout Section Leadership Team, and volunteers to join our Trustee Board. Search our Volunteer Page to find out more.

Group Leadership Team

The Group Leadership Team helps volunteers across all Sections work well together and feel motivated. They make sure the Group is respected and supported in their local community.

The Group Lead Volunteer’s role is all about providing direction and support in order to develop the group and ensure its sustainability. 

Group Lead Volunteers will help guide, support, and facilitate their team of adult volunteers to agree who’ll do what within the team.

Leadership Team Members will support the Group Lead Volunteer and Section Team Leaders to carry out their roles, providing support and taking on tasks to develop the group and its volunteers.

Section Teams will usually have at least one Team Leader (this can be a shared role). Team Leaders will help guide, support, and facilitate their team of adult volunteers to agree who’ll do what within the team.

They will also plan, deliver, and support an amazing programme for young people.  

What does the Group Leadership Team do?

Support the Group’s Sections: 

  • Make sure the Group Leadership Team runs smoothly.
  • Work with the District 14-24 Team to make sure there are Young Leaders in all the Group’s Section Teams.
  • Help Section Teams work well, using tools to measure quality where needed. 
  • The views and ideas of young people shape decisions in the Group and its Sections.  

Develop our volunteers:  

  • Champion Our Volunteering Culture, so Team Members are aware of it, reflect on it, commit to it, and apply it.
  • Support all volunteers to grow and gain the skills they need (or would like).
  • Make sure all teams in the Group follow our approach to equity, diversity and inclusionsafer volunteer recruitmentjoining, reviews, and processes for leaving Scouts.
  • Make sure volunteers are doing what’s expected of them, including getting learning done and completing their criminal record checks.
  • Make sure volunteers in the Group’s teams fulfil their safety and safeguarding responsibilities, including keeping up-to-date with changes and learning.  

Engage with the community: 

  • Create and look after relationships outside of Scouts to help deliver the programme and recruit adults and young people. This could include local community leaders, other youth groups, volunteer recruitment agencies, and local media and social media outlets.  
  • Plan and run fundraising events when they’re needed. 

Open new provision: 

Manage incidents: 

  • Make sure all incidents are reported in the right way.  
  • Handle Subject Access Requests and personal data breaches.  
  • Follow the Complaints Policy to stop complaints escalating (where possible).  
  • Work with other volunteers to respond to safetysafeguarding, and data incidents, and complaints(where needed). 

Support effective processes:

  • Sections Teams, to make sure they’re briefing helpers on the practical aspects of safety and safeguarding. This includes giving them a copy of the Yellow Card, confirming they’ve read and understood it, and checking they know who to speak to in case of any concerns.  
  • The payment of invoices and volunteer expenses.  
  • Enquiries from new volunteers and new members, waiting lists, and the movement of young people between Sections.  
  • Equipment owned by the Group.  
  • Meeting places (whether they’re rented, leased, or owned).  
  • Supplies of uniform, including badges and clothing.  
  • First aid kits and accident forms for all Sections and meeting places.  
  • Membership system records for volunteers and young people, making sure they’re correct and up to date.  
  • Group social media platforms.  
  • Group website and emails.
  • If there are staff in the Group, make sure they’re properly managed and recognised. This includes following employment law and acting as a responsible employer in line with Scout values. 

I want to join the team

Complete our simple online enquiry form and one of our Group Leadership Team will be in touch.

Still considering it? No previous experience with young people? No problem. Whether you’d like to help out week-after-week or whenever-you-can, we provide training, learning opportunities and cups of tea – every step of the way. You will be supported at every step of your journey and if you decide that this isn’t right for you, that ok – there are lots of other ways to volunteer.