Scouts have joined the nation in mourning the loss of our beloved monarch and Patron, HM The Queen.

Her outstanding example of service, encouragement and kindness was an inspiration to us all.

1st Markfield Scouts will join the community at the local church on Monday 12th September 2022 to pay tributes.

Our flag will be flown at half-mast during the period of mourning.

Read our dedication and tribute below:

Read our Chief Scout’s tribute at

HM The Queen was our Patron and a great supporter of Scouts. She believed in the fun, adventure and skills for life you provide young people. Where it feels appropriate, we will continue with our planned activities and experiences for young people continue, adding moments of reflection to activities so they can be delivered in a respectful way.  

We understand that this time may evoke a wide range of emotions and questions for volunteers, parents and guardians, and young people. It may affect them all differently.  It’s important to remember that volunteers and young people deal with grief in different ways, and this is OK.  You can find support guidance on our Scout website, supporting those dealing with grief and loss